Science & Technology Output

Vinoba Bhave Research Institute focuses on developing new functional materials and has collaborators in India and abroad. VBRI follows a consortium approach for development of its technologies and for providing the total science and engineering package to its collaborators. The institute has state-of-the-art facilities for development of new functional materials and robust infrastructure to support R&D activities.

The institute research projects anticipate providing valuable inputs for science and technologies output and also contribute towards the technologies used in laboratories. The Institute has developed several world class technologies in the advanced and smart materials and related areas.

VBRI offers customised training programmes in several areas of its competence to researcher from industries and academia. Some of the training programs of VBRI provide hand on experience with research tools and generation of new ideas. The institute’s objective is also be responsible for other public institutions in developing strategy for innovation and filling the gap in existing knowledge in various technology based interventions.

Our international collaborative relations will contribute in developing new functional materials for endorsing make in India campaign of Indian government. We offer collaborative as well as contract commercial opportunities in different areas.

Information about Services and Products
  • Technical assistance and consultancy is provided to the industries.
  • Technical information management and monitoring
  • World class of Testing and analysis facilities