Rural Technology Force

Innovation Center!!!

VBRI objective is also being responsible for developing strategy for innovation and filling the gap in existing knowledge in various technology based interventions.
Rapid technological advances in artificial intelligence, digitization and data and analytics have been reshaping the working culture globally. New age technology research and development has the potential to improve outcomes at large scale.
VBRI Provide technological innovation by analyzing data sets, exploring theories, and applying both to solving current problems of Indian society. Our in-house intellectual property (IP) rights facility plays an important role in the creation, dissemination and use of new knowledge for further innovations and helps inventors for appropriate returns on their investments. Our international collaborative relations will contribute in developing new technologies for agriculture, environment, IT and health for endorsing social empowerments. We offer consultancy and collaborations as well as contract commercial opportunities in different areas.

•   Commercialization of Technology

•   Field Study and Technological Solutions

•   Translational Research and Developments

•   Intellectual Property Right