Rural Technology Force

Founder Director!!!

Dr. Ashutosh Tiwari is Chairman and Managing Director of VBRI Group which deals with research, technology and innovation. His innovative contributions, particularly the strategies adopted for rural technology enabled the upgraded performance of rural life styles. Various technology based innovative solution is core of work under Prof. Tiwari led organizations, which can work directly at rural level for various smaller issues related to agriculture, health and education. These organizations provide appropriate solutions and consultancy through world class platform developed.
Prof. Tiwari specialization is in Advance material engineering, Biosensors, Bioelectronics and Nanotechnology field and engage in rural development projects in India. He has over hundreds of research publications in the area of material science & Nano-electronics and is an inventor on many patent and nanotechnology tools used in health, security, energy and automation. Few of his patents have been licensed to industries for commercialization purpose. Prof. Tiwari is a Founder Director of one deep technology startups at New Delhi, India (VBRI Innovation Pvt. Ltd.) which are involved in developing innovative product models relevance to the society. Dr. Tiwari is a founder member and co-chair of Advanced Materials Congress Series, World Technology Summit, etc., which host almost one hundred countries, scientific participant each year. He has significantly contributed as an Editor towards many book series of ELSVIER and WILEY. He has received many awards at international arena importantly “Nano Awards” and “Innovation in Materials Science Award” in the field of technology.