Research Area

Vinoba Bhave Research Institute is actively engaged in multidisciplinary areas of research & development related to materials. VBRI is promoting research in different area including materials for energy and environment in light of developing new functional materials. VBRI will be prioritising innovation, improve quality of life with collaboration with Indian as well as Internal institutions. VBRI will build a more secure society by developing different materials which are helpful to produce economical functional materials.

The institute has enthusiastic and qualified knowledgeable researchers and has different world class facilities and laboratories and also endorse young researchers in different research fields. The institute will ready to establish a number of technologies and processes. VBRI will provide good platform all the researches worldwide for doing research independently with better chemical perspective and also provide lab training and give basic education to operate sophisticated facilities for scientific research and apply it for different practical applications.

VBRI is dedicated to accomplish a sophisticated level in different technologies that are helpful solving global level problem like energy and environment by developing materials at nano-dimension. These areas are creating interesting results that are increasing our knowledge to the existing research.

The institute is focusing his research in areas like energy storage, water purification, functional materials, engineered materials, solar cell technology and nanoscale materials.