Mission and Vision

  • To become a global R&D centre for science & technology through dedicated endeavors focusing on competitive and friendly technologies in energy, scientific and industrial research, advanced materials, environment and health.

  • To provide a world class vocational training and entrepreneurship activities through fostering collegial exchanges of international expertise.

  • To afford scientific assistance for national campaigns like Make in India, Swachch Bharat, Swastha Bharat and Samarth Bharat.

  • To grant every possible things to needy entrepreneurs and industry in projects of social responsibility.

  • To excel in all aspects of science and technology for development of new technology.

  • To provide best of the current and traditional knowledge in science and technology research using ubiquitous technologies and promotes of original research process and ideas.

  • Leadership in the rural technology and sustainable developments maintaining core and shared facilities, vocational training, rural entrepreneurship activities and fostering collegial exchanges of international expertise.